Class Descriptions

Stars in Motion 2016-2017 Class Descriptions 

Tiny Tots (ages 2 ½ -3)

An introduction to ballet and tap; Benefits for your little one include gaining body awareness, learning basic motor skills, becoming accustomed to a classroom setting and learning the joy of expression through movement.

Little Stars (ages 4-5)
Ballet and tap; age-appropriate technique is introduced or expanded upon. Emphasis is placed on musical awareness, sequencing and refining motor skills.

Combo 1 (ages 6-7)
Ballet and tap; age-appropriate technique is continued and emphasis is also placed on intricate and detailed choreography. Turning and leaping are introduced at this level.

Combo 2 (ages 8-9)
Ballet, tap & jazz; Age-appropriate technique is continued for ballet and tap; jazz technique is introduced. Detailed choreography is continued and emphasis is also placed upon musicality, special awareness and sequencing.

Combo 3 (ages 10-11)
Ballet, tap & jazz; Age-appropriate technique is continued and expanded upon; dancers will master a specific skill set that will continue to develop his or her technical skills along with creativity.

Combo 4 (ages 11+); Great for the older beginner student!
This is a ballet, tap and jazz class appropriate for the dancer with less experience who is at least 11 years of age. Basic ballet, tap and jazz technique will be taught through barre work and across the floor combinations. Turning and leaping will also be introduced and/or progressed upon.


**Please note, due to the importance of proper technique being mastered before advancing to the next level of ballet, tap, jazz & lyrical, class placement is best determined by approval of instructors. Please contact Ms. Sara to determine the placement that will best benefit your dancer.**

Ballet (1, 2 & 3) (ages 8 & up)
Classes stress correct technique, terminology and proper alignment. The objective of these classes is to create a beautiful combination of flexibility and strength which will enhance your dancer’s performance quality.
**Ballet 2 and 3 meets twice a week.

This will be an introduction to pointe work and participation in this class is permitted through invitation of instructor only.  (If you are coming to us from another studio and as an experienced dancer ready for pointe, please contact us so we may schedule an evaluation to ensure readiness.)  The students in this class must demonstrate solid technique and attend regular ballet two days a week.  The curriculum will consist of exercises to help students safely build the strength and alignment necessary for pointe work.

**Must be enrolled in Ballet 2 or 3 to participate in Pointe. 

Tap(1,2 & 3) (ages 8 & up)
Emphasis is placed upon clean and clear sounds, musicality and style. Combinations become faster and more intricate as one advances through the levels.

Jazz (1,2 & 3) (ages 8 & up)
Classes include stretching, isolations, turning, leaping and across the floor patterns and combinations. New steps are taught and combinations become more complex as your dancer progresses through the levels.

Lyrical (1,2 & 3) (ages 8 & up)
*Ballet is STRONGLY recommended to take in conjunction with lyrical as it will greatly heighten each student’s success in the class.
A fusion of jazz, ballet and modern dance steps where emphasis is placed upon dramatic movement and expression.


Hip Hop (1,2 & 3)
Learn one of the most current dance styles and the latest dance moves done to popular music. Note, careful attention is paid to music selection & age-appropriate moves.
(Typical age range: hip hop 1=7-9; hip hop 2=10-12; hip hop 3=13+)

Musical Theatre (1,2 & 3)
*A Jazz class or a Combo class is STRONGLY recommended to take in conjunction with musical theatre as it will greatly heighten each student’s success in the class.
This class concentrates on a combination of Broadway style dance technique & acting skills.

Musical Theatre 1: for ages 5-7 
Musical Theatre 2: for ages 8-12
Musical Theatre 3: for ages 13+

Company Class

This class is for students who have auditioned and been selected to be a Stars in Motion dance company member. A schedule will be handed out on a 1 to 2 month basis as members may not be required to attend company class every week. Company members are required to participate in conventions, competitions, charity and community-based performances throughout the year.


We are excited to announce we will have 3 different styles available for adults this Fall!  Jazz, hip hop and tap.  Adult classes are just $25.00 per month if you have a registered child with us!
Adult Jazz
Adult Tap ~* New this season!
Adult Hip Hop ~* New this season! 

If you have any questions please contact us.

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